Our home is our safe have. It is our duty to keep it clean and comfortable for our family. Who even wants to live in a dirty and uncomfortable house right? We clean our house every day, sure. But have you think about those maintenance tasks you are neglecting, but you’re not entirely aware of it? In this article, we will tell you the home maintenance tasks that you might be neglecting, and these tasks are really important. 

Home Maintenance

Checking the Dryer Hose and Vent 

Here’s a not so fun fact, clothes dryer are one of the leading causes of residential fires. But let us be straight with you, dryers are not dangerous. It’s because of people’s negligence, not clearing out the dryer hoses and lint traps as often as they should. Emptying the lint trap should be your habit already. It’s just so easy. Unhook the exhaust hose, vacuum it and hook it back up.  

Changing Air Filters and Ducts 

The air filters of our home’s HVAC system get dirty over time, that’s why it needs to be cleaned or changed at a regular interval. Once the air filters are too dirty, it can make your system work harder which leads to more energy being used. This will inflate your monthly energy bill. It’s not also healthy for your family, since it can aggravate breathing problems and lung allergies.  

Vacuuming the Refrigerator Coils 

The refrigerator system has coils to condense and cool the refrigerant. These coils accumulate dirt and dust over time. Most of the fridge have their coils under them, and these coils can get caked with dirt and grime. Once the coils get too grimy, it won’t operate well which means your energy bills will spike too. Vacuum these coils at least once a week. Doing this will extend the life of your fridge, and will also save you money for bills check out here groovecash 

Deep Cleaning the Carpet 

We vacuum our carpet daily, and yes that helps a lot. But if your home has a heavy foot traffic with the pets and kids around, it’s more likely that dust and dirt get trapped in the deepest of its fiber. Once it does that, the carpet becomes a source of pollen and other dirt. The carpet needs deep washing, preferably steam cleaning done by a professional of carpet cleaning west palm beach 

Cleaning the Gutters 

The gutters are important components of your roofing system, once they are full of debris and dirt the can’t do its job properly. You are recommended to clean the gutter at least twice a year as part of your spring cleaning. If you have trees around your house that fall off leaves and fruit, then cleaning the gutters every few months is a must.  

Bathroom Fan 

Have you ever checked your bathroom fan? I bet for the past months, you haven’t checked its condition. You’re not actively using it that’s why you might have neglected it. But the fan does an important job. It whisks out the moisture inside the bathroom. Without it, the bathroom will become soggy and humid.